About Provitura

What Is Provitura?

Welcome to Provitura, an innovative food supplement containing some of the most important vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and last but not least cannabidiol (CBD).

Provitura has been created with some important goals for our customers. These are on the one hand health, quality of life and surplus energy in general. On the other hand, we want to provide customers with savings and convenience.

By combining the needs of different supplements in one product and adding our effective CBD powder content to the capsules, you will not only save money, but also achieve more effective results than regular CBD oil drops.

This is because the absorption of our full spectrum powder-based CBD is absorbed faster and more efficiently due to its easier access to the bloodstream.

With our subscription plan and as a regular Provitura customer, you will get your vitamins, fatty acids and CBD delivered in one shipment every month and thus you will experience comfort at the highest level.

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Company values

As a manufacturer, Pharmatura BV values quality and service above all. That is why our products are produced in Europe with respect for the environment and in the highest quality via suppliers with the same values and in close co-operation.

As part of our mission, we attach great importance to enabling people to access essential and life-optimising supplements. That’s why we put the customer’s price for Provitura before our profits by offering some of the very best prices on the market.

Ultimately, Provitura is about quality of life for you and those around you.


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10mg CBD daily (similar effects and benefits as 30-40mg in commercial CBD oil)

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